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Walk In Your Shoes

Recently, I was watching a documentary and I heard this quote. The gentleman who was the subject of the documentary expressed that he experienced many hardships in his life because of his mindset and lack of self-worth. Though he had, what he and most would consider a good upbringing, he still found himself homeless, in and out of jail, and lost. It wasn't until he began helping those who were facing the same struggles he endured, that the trajectory of his life changed for the better. He said it was this question that was asked to him, which sparked something in him. Now, he advocates for the poor and needy; for the people most of the world does not see.

I said all that to say: ABBA YAH's good plans for us does not change we do. We rebel against THE MOST HIGH's will; we veer off the path he set for us. But, if we repent (humble ourselves) and accept YAH's will, every bit of our story–the good, the bad, the ugly–can be used for his glory. Also, in doing so, we can experience true joy and fulfillment by doing ABBA YAHUAH's will by giving our gifts back to him. Let us no longer prostitute the gifts YAH has given, instead give those gifts back to YAHUAH our ELOHIYM! Let us live a life of praise and worship!



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