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Serving the Village - About the Father's Business

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Could you imagine how different things would be for us if Yahusha, The Mashiach, had listened to what men said? Or, what if The Mashiach had chosen to do the things men said he should do instead? Where, oh where, would we be if The Mashiach had given in to man's petitions in lieu of YAH's plan?

Truly, family, we are living in difficult times. And, as the day draws near (for The Mashiach's return) the need and desire for community is undeniable. The need and desire to establish our own, support our own, be amongst our own is ever clear; however, let us be mindful of this 👉🏾 man's desire is not, nor it should not, be above YAH's will. Remember, we are His, therefore we are here to serve and we are here to glorify Yahuah our Elohiym by doing His will through obedience.

And he said unto them,

How is it that ye sought me?

Knew ye not that I must be about my Father's business?

As we seek to help or to serve, in any capacity, anything for that matter, let us seek YAH on what it is that He desires. Yahuah Elohiym, who is an El of order, has specific gifts and a specific purpose, that are to work in conjuction with specific people; in order that His will is completed in the earth. And, though many of us have the same gifts, we must be connected with the person or people that YAH has chosen. Therefore, let us seek YAH and wait for His instructions, so it is His divine will that takes place in the earth-not our own. Let us obey YAH and not our fleshly desires. Let us obey YAH and not man or what man deems as right(eous). We are here to do the will of The Father.

Family, let us worship our YAH and move in obedience.

🤎 Let us be about The Father's business! 🤎

Hear Through My Eyes by Yadah'Yah

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