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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Many years ago, I met a total stranger and it changed my life forever. Although it sounds storybook or like a scene from a movie, the events that took place that day were truly extraordinary. The events were so simple yet complex; intricate but not overwhelming. Simply divine.

What were the events that happened on that day "That changed my life forever" you ask?

Four simple words spoken.

That question sparked a conversation, which lasted the entire trip, until we both got to our desired destination. Not only did it spark a conversation, it lit a fire in me that burns even now. The conversation seemed so casual, however, I know now it was nothing casual about it at all. In fact, it was a mighty move of THE MOST HIGH YAH!

Those four words, along with other things that happened throughout the course of that trip, were the catalyst that took me from being on the sidelines of my life to a seeker of the will of YAH. It took me from being a sleeping spectator to a serious supporter of YAH's plan for my life and for his chosen people. It took me from being a sluggard to a servant who desires for Yahuah's will to be done in all the earth! (This is the short version of course:)

What about you?

Are you a spectator sitting on the sidelines of your life or are you a faithful servant being busy about our Heavenly Father's business?


What are the unique gifts & talents THE MOST HIGH YAH has placed in you to glorify Him and to minister to his people?



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