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Happy Sabbath!

Sabbath rest! It is thee best!

I give thanks and praise to ABBA YAHUAH for such a wonderful gift! Enjoy this set apart time to rest and be refreshed. May YAH's grace and peace be multiplied to you abundantly as you honor & worship him. HalleluYah! Praise The Most High YAH!

There remains therefore a Shabbath for the people of Elohiym. For he that is entered into his rest, he also has ceased from his own works, as Elohiym did from his.

~Ivriym (Hebrews) 4:9-10 ​ת Cepher

Hear "Set Your Affections Above" by Yadah'Yah

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Happy Sabbath!

Shabbat Shalawam to my family scattered to the four corners. May your rest be sweet!


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