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About Yadah'Yah


Called & Chosen
. . .for a time
such as this.

With her Elohiym at center stage, Yadah'Yah says: faith, hope, love, joy, and peace are just a few of the things that make up her music ministry. However, Yadah'Yah says she regularly keeps a spotlight on Yah's mercy & grace because without it no one would be able to stand. Yadah'Yah admits she spent years running from Yah, her redeemer, who has healed her and set her spirit free. She admits if it were not for Yah's loving mercy and grace, there is no way she would be alive to testify to his goodness today. Yadah'Yah says,

"Yah is loving, kind, and full of mercy. Our response to his love and graciousness towards us should be humility, a repentant heart, and

a desire and a willingness to glorify him–to be a living sacrifice."

​Yadah'Yah prays listeners will humble themselves and accept the mercy of Yah and his invitation to be reconciled to him, which is what her first album Going Home is about. Yadah'Yah's music continues to shine the light on Yah's mercy, his love and care for his people, his faithfulness, and his promises which are found in his word. Yadah'Yah hopes, through her music, you are encouraged to seek the scriptures where you will find Yahuah’s enduring love that heals the soul, light that expels darkness, and hope which can be found in only him. Yadah'Yah waits in joyful expectation, believing as hearts draw near to Yah they will be compelled to step into a place of authentic worship  and total adoration . . . leading to a life of praise and unshakable faith.

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 O magnify Yahuah with me, and let

us exalt his name together.

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