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I am truly blessed and honored to share, through song, the wonderful transformation Abba Yah is doing in my life. I'm happy to share my testimony about Yahuah's love, his mercy, & his goodness to encourage others in their walk with The Most High Yah. And, I am deeply grateful for the encouragement and the love that many of you have shown. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your kind words that uplifts me. And, most importantly, I thank you for magnifying Yahuah with me!

Having said that, if YAH has led you to support this ministry, I humbly accept and welcome all donations to continue lifting up the name of Yahuah and singing his praises!


Again, thank you so much for supporting Yadah'Yah Music.  


All praises, glory, and honor to The Most High Yahuah!

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