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Have A Wonder-Filled Week!


It's a new week! But before we move forward, let us go before the throne and give thanks and praise to Yahuah, our Elohiym. Let us not think lightly, nor take for granted the time we have been given; neither discount any of Yahuah's countless blessings. May we give thanks to ABBA YAHUAH for His mercy & His love. Let us give thanks! Let us give praise to YAH! Let us lift His praises up! HalleluYah!


This is the day which Yahuah has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.~Tehilliym (Psalms) 118:24 את Cepher


Heavenly ABBA, thank you for your mercy towards us. Thank you for your faithfulness and continuing to shower us with your love. Please help us to stay before you with humble, grateful hearts and sing your praises Yahusha's name. HalleluYah.

Hear >>> "Mercies Falling" by Yadah'Yah

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This is the day which Yahuah has made! Rejoice & be glad in it!

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Be exalted, Yahuah, in your own strength: so will we sing and praise your power.


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