Called & Chosen

 . . .for a time

such as this.


Hi! I'm Yadah'Yah (ya-daw-YAH), a.k.a Stacey Tate. I am a born & raised southern girl, lover of music, and Yah is my world! I am blessed to share my love of music with you and truly grateful to Yah for choosing me to encourage you with his word through song. And, though this journey has just officially began,





Yah extended his mercy to me and turned my darkness to light. Yah has given me joy and showed me who I am: loved, cared for, & chosen. For his steadfast love and more, I can't help but praise his name! May your spirit be richly blessed by the gift Yah has revived in me...for a time such as this. Praise the Most High Yah forevermore! HalleluYah!

″My desire is to shine the light on

Yah-not me nor my performance.″

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